NitroPress DS 2.0 - Compatible with your existing NitroPress



NitroPress DS 2.0 - Compatible with your existing NitroPress


Products will be delivered between 1 and 5.


Product description

The NitroPress DS is now live on Kickstarter. Order yours today.


Kickstarter link here


NitroPress DS 2.0 Pricelist 2023

Option 1 - Docking Station only - MSRP USD $369

Option 2  - Docking Station Including NitroPress Dispenser (Stainless Steel model) - MSRP USD $499


    We've spent the past few years designing and developing the world first nitro docking station to provide unlimited power for our flagship NitroPress. Nitro Coffee and other culinary creations are now available on demand, at the simple press of a button. No more single use chargers, no more waste. The environmentally friendly solution has arrived.

    Box Contents include

    • NitroPress DS 2.0 docking station compatible with your existing NitroPress (Stainless Steel or Copper)

    Compatible with

    • The Original NitroPress (500ml only)
    • Copper Edition NitroPress (500ml only)
    • iSi Profi whip
    • Generic cream whippers (not guaranteed) 

    Existing science. Novel technology.

    In 2018 we designed the world first nitro coffee dispenser and innovation has been part of our DNA ever since, the concept was conceived through realising the need for a sustainable and commercially effective solution to creating nitro drinks.

    The design brief was simple, create an easy to use, professional grade machine that was intuitive and included all the great features of the Original NitroPress, without any of the downsides. Fill the NitroPress Pro with your favourite cold brew coffee or cocktail, screw the head unit on, dock down and pressurise. It's as simple as that. 

    How to get setup

    Included with the NitroPress DS 2.0 is an adaptor which is screwed on in place of the charger holder you normally use. Simply screw our patented adaptor on by hand and your NitroPress can now be charged endlessly without the need to buy gas chargers ever again.