About Us

The NitroPress story began with Jack Hatfield.

Working as an engineer at McLaren UK, Jack took a trip to the States where he saw Nitro coffee being served in cafes and was inspired to find a way to create and serve Nitro coffee at home. 

Within a few short months the process began and in 2018 the Original NitroPress was launched as the first ever handheld Nitro coffee machine, allowing users to step away from the coffee shops and perfect their favourite brew at home.

To give you a further insight into our brand we sat down for a NitroPress Coffee with Jack to answer some questions.

Describe your product in three words…

Stylish, bulletproof and intuitive.

Where did you get inspiration for your product?

It was a trip to the States where I saw how popular the drink was. I saw a gap in the market for something to bring Nitro coffee into peoples kitchens without having to drink it from the can, so users could use their own cold brew which they have brewed to their own taste.

What differentiates your product from others out there?

It’s stylish, portable and we believe makes a cold brew like no other. The fact you can throw it in a cooler and take it to the beach to pour as required is incomparable. 

What's in your first NitroPress order?

For anyone new to NitroPress I would always start with a NitroPress starter kit with 4 boxes of Nitro chargers. This gives you enough gas to experiment with your new toy and perfect your coffee. I would also throw in a bag of our Rapid Cold Brew for convenience when you don’t have time to brew your own.

Where do you see NitroPress in 5 years time?

Moving further towards our goal of making Nitro coffee more sustainable. With the launch of our NitroPress DS we hope to revolutionise the pressurised culinary equipment segment - watch this space!

What's your favourite drink from the NitroPress?

It's got to be a classic Nitro Espresso Martini! So smooth and sweet, it's the perfect nightcap!

Favourite thing to eat alongside a NitroPress Coffee?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch! The ultimate combo!

And just because we’re nosy…

Favorite car?

1990 Porsche 911 - its a bit like a NitroPress… classic, stylish and well built

Favourite movie?

Godfather II - the whole vibe is just inspirational. The Italian scenery, food, interiors…I just love it all

Best travel story?

Buying an old mini cab to drive from London to Istanbul with some friends. The car cost $300 with 260,000 miles on the clock and we only made it as far as Austria before the engine gave up. We left the car at the nearest airport with most of our belongings in the trunk and flew to Turkey instead, only to miss the flight back after our stay. So we then flew back to London, borrowed another car and drove back to Austria for the second time in 10 days to collect our things.

Founder - Jack Hatfield